Well i wasent expecting to find this!!

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Well i wasent expecting to find this!!

Post  Hammy on Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:46 pm

Hi (its been a while)

So on Saturday I decided to get off the couch and go an find some nice landscapes to shoot.

so i meandered up and over the Ridgeway for about 3 hours and found next to nothing apart from this...

I then found my self on top of a hill over looking Swindon. Got out of the car when i heard distant rumblings of motorbikes!

had a look over a hedge and saw loads of trucks and tents.

I managed to find the entrance, blag my way in for free and managed to get some good shots.

Only problems i had was A) poor light and B) them dam things are FAST!!!! Twisted Evil

So good day had by all!


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